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Anyone can take a picture, the art is to capture a moment and to see what no one else sees.” 

Saying ‘YES’ has set you both on an exciting, complicated, sometimes stressful but ultimately joyous journey.

A journey filled with choices of which one of those choices has the responsibility to preserve all that you have created together for your wedding day and that is your choice of photographer.

Rapport is crucial, creativity is important and money is king, so this is my opportunity to present to you how I can achieve and do all of this for you and your family.

I believe most sincerely that everyone deserves great photography. Some of the most amazing experiences I have had, have come from shooting for all sorts of clients from all walks of life across Europe and from many faiths and religions.

Having studied film and worked in Hollywood, I also studied documentary and photographic journalism, so being authentic to story and its truth is everything.

Take a look at my portfolio below to see what you can expect from me as I turn one day in to a forever and a day.

I am based in Hale, Cheshire AND Pezenas in the South of France where I am also shooting weddings across the Occitanie region. Being fluent in French and Italian can add extra value to my clients as they navigate their wedding days abroad and manage their suppliers.

Wherever I work everything I do is to serve, inspire, honour and provide a legacy through the photos I create.

Pick a part of the day and see a collection of images from scores of weddings.


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The answer is yes!

Common Questions
Let’s take a look at the detail.

These are the most common questions I am asked. If you have any specific questions, why not reach out. I’m always happy to answer them in person, over the phone or by email.

How would you describe your style?

Creative, artistic, iconic and truthful. The industry has coined a few phrases, some of which mean the same thing. In my opinion no wedding is absolutely one style but a blend of traditional and documentary styles. The art is to know which to use and when. 

Do you shoot fixed hours or all day?

No timed packages, just hassle free coverage from a minimum of two hours before the ceremony up until an hour after the first dance.

This is usually enough for most weddings but I can stay longer if required. :)

Do you shoot family formals?
Every wedding should have their family shots but they can still be handled in a quick and easy fashion lending to a relaxed set of pictures.

The trick here is to distract the groups from the fact that we are taking their pictures at all.

How much editing do you perform?

Great moments deserve a great edit.

Using Lightroom & Photoshop, I know how to touch up or correct selected images but only ever to bring out the best in them (rather than completely change them) and I focus on portraits and close ups.

What albums do you provide?

I use Jorgensen Albums of Australia. Long standing and superb quality with enough variations to suit most tastes.

Although fewer couples are buying albums it still represents the best format for telling your story, given I shoot with the album design and layouts in mind.

They are hand made in Australia and take 6 weeks to arrive.

Can I see pictures from a complete wedding? 

This is the minimum a photographer should be expected to show you.

Anyone can take a few fantastic shots if they shoot enough but a wedding requires a consistency of great shots unlike most other photographic disciplines.

A professionally designed album is the only way to see an accurate example of this and so at our studio we will have a number of albums on display.

Do we choose the photos for our album?
I will first design the album, as it allows me the satisfaction to share with you my personal photographic vision of your wedding.

My experience teaches me that my professional choices of layout and images per page can often help to tell an even more powerful story.

That said, you absolutely have your say. Together we can then work on adding the finishing touches to make your album even more personal.

Do you shoot the details of our wedding?
My answer is of course. Every detail of your wedding is personal to you and therefore important.

As a photographer I see shapes, colours, light, movement and composition.

So whether it is an object, a scene or people – still or moving – they are all story telling elements.

Please don’t worry: I love the details.

"I still do not know how or where you were to capture some of our favourite private moments. They are so natural."

Joe & Suzie, The Castlefield Rooms, Manchester

Thank you Daniel we love our photos but what was lovely is how you took care of us and helped the day move smoothly when others missed things.

Sebastien & Gemma, Home Marquee, Bowdon.

"We knew we had chosen the right photographer when our family asked how long we had been friends for. You were friendly and professional and made everyone feel at ease. Thank you."

David & Rebecca, Arley Hall, Cheshire.



Years Professional

Some of my favourite, fun, unique and stand out moments.

A light hearted look at some of the moments that stood out to me. I hope they demonstrate my desire to always expect the unexpected, never approach a wedding with a predetermined idea and always to capture the truth in front of me.

Best groom waiting pic.

No groom is exempt from nerves when waiting for their bride. They might try to hide it but their shakes, breathing or sweating gives them away.

Here, Ronan showed his nerves to my camera in this photo. He also clasped hands his hands but the way my photograph captured his face tells the story perfectly.

Best dancing couple.

Couples either shuffle on one spot or go to town with something choreographed. Either works because in early meetings I learn how nervous couples are about this spot light moment.

Here are Andy & Sally and this one photo hardly does their dance justice. This is where video kills it. If that is what you’re after, we can discuss that as well.

A great kiss.

A favourite moment for me is how unique a kiss, shared by a couple on their special day, can be. They are all different and every one means so much to them.

So the kiss really distills this to a split second that says so much. This was an early kiss in my career but still one of my favourites.

Best executed goup jump.
For some it is way too cheesy. Others have it all planned and can’t wait. Just one of the reasons I love never fully knowing what will happen.

I welcome all creative ideas. But the key thing is that I will never just impose them. I know that I get much better results when working closely with my clients.

Who is this man? 
The groom went for tradition with a surprise chimney sweep. After entertaining the church guests with his shtick (or is that stick?), he surprised everyone, notably the bride with his request for a kiss.

Did they actually kiss? Does it really matter? I will leave it you to decide what happened next :)

Look left, look right, quick!
A wedding in Prestbury with plenty of places for great photos. Suddenly we all looked at each other with the same thought and before you knew it the couple did a few twirls and stopped traffic. 

No one begrudged them this time and cars honked in celebration. The result is a quirky cool image they have on their wall to enjoy.

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I’d usually recommend you meet two other photographers before choosing. You should trust that you will instinctively know who is the right choice.

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